About My Practice

People enter psychotherapy for many reasons, but almost always because they feel stuck in a way they have been unable to resolve on their own. This generally involves emotional pain, situational or relationship dilemmas, self-esteem problems, worry and indecisiveness and a host of other difficult struggles. Finding a supportive, warm and knowledgeable therapist can be a huge step toward healing and change. Successful therapy brings greater hope and self-awareness, the capacity to see options more clearly, an ability to make good choices and an overall sense of expansiveness, energy and a more positive sense of self.

My style as a therapist is active, relational, respectful and focused on enhancing the strengths of my clients. I work toward helping people understand patterns in their lives which may interfere with achieving the changes they seek. I look closely with my clients at past experiences and relationships which have lead to current difficulties. This is not about “blaming the past” but seeking to understand the lens through which my client has learned to perceive both self and other. Together we create the possibility of forming new perceptions and making different, more informed choices.

I value initiative and a willingness to look at the bigger picture while also attending to significant details. I greatly appreciate a sense of humor along the way. I utilize many of the methods, which are described under Specialty Techniques and frequently offer direct “coaching” on ways to achieve goals and maximize effectiveness.

I have connected with a wide network of competent professionals and programs over the years and I actively recommend these resources where it seems warranted. This might include referral to other health professionals, alternative methods such as acupuncture, participation in 12-step groups such as Al-Anon, or perhaps simply suggestions to read certain books or to keep a daily journal.

For Other Professionals: Clinical Supervision

I have had extensive experience supervising clinical professionals of diverse backgrounds. I was Director of Training for several years at the Prince William Co. Community Mental Health Center in Northern Virginia. This position involved training for students, externs and regular clinical staff. I supervised many students individually and collectively and created a student training program which met weekly at the Center. I also supervised numerous individual staff members with various professional affiliations for the purpose of licensing. Areas of supervision included individual, couples and family as well as group therapy.

While employed at a Child Guidance Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, I was responsible for individual supervision of both staff and students. I also created a training program whereby I provided supervision behind a one-way mirror for therapists dealing with “difficult-to-treat” couples and families.

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Additionally, I have been an ongoing member of a peer consultation group locally which has met twice monthly for at least 15 years. In this group of professional peers, we mutually request and provide assistance in situations where there is some degree of “stuckness” in a given case. This covers a huge range of clinical issues.

I am currently eligible to provide clinical supervision for social workers who are seeking supervision credit for licensing or otherwise. I may also be able to provide supervision for other categories of mental health professionals provided their professional association grants permission to get credit through an eligible clinical social worker. I can also provide consultation for any mental health professional who simply wants help dealing with specific issues or target populations.

For those who are interested, below is an overview of the major training I have received.

Hellinger Institute USA:

Family Constellations theory and technique ’01-’02, ongoing conferences and advanced training in US and Europe.

Family Therapy Practice Center:
Externship with Marianne Walters, MSW, in Structural Family Therapy (3 years).

Georgetown University Family Center:
Post–graduate program in Bowen Family Systems Theory (4 years).

Center for Study of Human Systems:
Based on the Virginia Satir model (3 years).

EMDR (Eye Movement
Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Certified EMDR Therapist. Initial training in mid-90's (levels I and II). Ongoing consultation group, conferences and advanced training.

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Gestalt Therapy Institute of Washington DC:
2-year clinical training program with Rudy Bauer, PhD. Weekly clinical seminar for 8 additional years.

Group Therapy:
Training programs through Washington School of Psychiatry, Group Studies, Inc. and American Group Psychotherapy Association.
Thought-Field Therapy:
All 3 levels through advanced with Greg Nicosia, PhD.

Somatic Experiencing:
All 3 levels through advanced with Foundation for Human Enrichment.

Institute of Light & Energy Medicine:
Emotional Transformation Therapy (aka “Colored Light Therapy”): Several levels of training with Steven Vazquez, PhD.

Clinical Hypnosis:

Northwest Counseling Center with Nolan Bailey, PhD. (2 yrs) and additional training program with Gene Eberts, PhD.

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