Specialty Techniques

EMDR Counseling

EMDR Therapy
(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocesing)

EMDR has been around for about 20 years and is considered one of the “power therapies.” I am a Certified EMDR Practitioner and have been using the method regularly since 1994. It is a technique which originally was used and researched with combat veterans who had symptoms of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). It generally goes deeper and provides more rapid relief than conventional psychotherapy. EMDR is now being used for the treatment of a wide array of difficult symptoms as well as for self-esteem issues, performance anxiety and peak performance (work, sports, the arts, etc.).

As a therapeutic technique, EMDR is definitely a favorite of mine and I use it often. More information about this method can be found at the website www.emdria.org.


Family Counseling

Family Constellations

I have been very excited about the Family Constellations process ever since I first took the training in 2001. I have been leading workshops, attending conferences and taking advanced training since then. The Constellations method can be used for organizations as well as individuals, couples and families. It is an intriguing, powerful, often transformational process developed by internationally respected German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. It has become extremely popular in Europe and is being widely recognized on other continents as well.

As a founding member of The Systemic Constellations Group, LLC, we have been running workshops in the Washington D.C. metro area for several years and are eager to spread the word. The Constellations process is difficult to describe. Please visit our website at www.theconstellationsgroupdc.com. And please come to a workshop! This method can also be used to some degree in individual sessions.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Experiencing (S.E.)

S.E. is a body-oriented method developed by Dr. Peter Levine. Dr. Levine studied how animals in the wild heal from trauma in a natural way. The core idea is to release stress and trauma from an individual’s nervous system through accessing body sensations in a systematic way facilitated by the therapist. This therapy deals directly with fight, flight and freeze responses in order to discharge tension and pain from both body and psyche.

In recent years, I have been involved in S.E. training through advanced levels. In order to gain more understanding of this theory and method, I recommend the book Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine.

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Energy Therapy, Self Tapping

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and/or Emotional Freedom (EFT) Technique

TFT and EFT are nearly identical techniques that are based on two concepts/practices: acupuncture and applied kinesiology. As with EMDR, the method is relatively new and is considered a “power therapy” or “energy therapy.” The procedure consists of tapping (the client self-taps) a series of acupuncture points while thinking of a disturbing problem. If there are unconscious beliefs (“psychological reversals”) that block getting over a given problem [i.e., “I don’t deserve to” (or) "it isn’t safe to get over this problem"] there are ways to detect this through muscle testing and to resolve the block through other tapping sequences. The client can learn to carry out this method at home without assistance.

I have completed all three levels of training in TFT in the late 90’s and, while it can be used for many problem areas, I have used it primarily for various anxiety states.

Winter Blues, Emotional Transformation Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy
(“Colored Light Therapy”)

This method was developed in the 1990’s by Steven Vazquez, PhD. The procedure involves the use of colored light which pulsates at different wavelengths. The client looks at the colored light while being guided by the therapist to talk, use eye movement or breathing techniques. Most people are familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder (“the winter blues”) for which the use of a full-spectrum lightbox can provide significant lifting of the depressed mood. Colored Light Therapy is based on some of the same principles as the lightbox but uses a variety of colors to stimulate a change of mood, a decrease in anxiety, etc.

I was trained in this method by Dr. Vazquez in the late 90’s and have the necessary equipment (lumitron or photron) in one of my offices.

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Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

This method is well known to a lot of people and is often associated with use of the “empty chair technique”; that is, having the client speak to an imagined person sitting in a chair in the therapist’s office, or perhaps having a dialog between different parts of him/herself. It can be very helpful in clarifying issues and putting together the puzzle pieces of a given life dilemma.


Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnotic trance can be used for a variety of issues such as habit reduction (i.e. stop smoking), going back in time to remember more clearly (“age regression”), or simply to modify behavior through suggestion. I often teach clients how to use Self-Hypnosis to achieve different mood states or for assistance in unwanted behaviors such as overeating or even for help in talking more easily to a boss, etc.

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Guided Imagery Therapy

Guided Imagery

The use of visualization can be similar to clinical hypnosis to help change mood states or simply to help with relaxation and stress reduction. I often use it in conjunction with EMDR in various ways, i.e. helping a client rehearse something, learn to deal better with others, give a presentation or even improve a creative or athletic activity. Research has shown that it can help change behaviors as much as real life practice.