Therapy Topics & Methods

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These topics are not limited to individual therapy but could be a focus in group, couples or family therapy as well.

My clients have come from every walk of life, sometimes with relatively common concerns and sometimes with mystifying symptoms or seemingly insurmountable quagmires. Following are some of the primary problem areas my clients bring.

Self-Esteem Problems

A self-esteem problem generally means holding a view of oneself as unworthy, unlovable, incompetent in any or all areas of life. It goes beyond occasional lack of confidence or normal self-doubt. Self-esteem problems are frequently associated with depression, anxiety and an array of other difficulties.

Relationship Problems

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues include an extensive range of difficulties, such as marital and family, romantic, friendship, occupational, etc. Problem areas could involve conflict, withdrawal, cutoff, hostility, exclusion or anything at all that causes relationship stress.



Depression involves feelings of persistent sadness, emptiness, loneliness, guilt and shame which have gone on way too long. It often means low self-esteem, lack of energy and a sense of powerlessness. Depression and anxiety may go together.

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Anxiety generally means excessive worry, uncomfortable body sensations, trouble sleeping or, perhaps, fears about anything and everything. There might be frequent dread of social or performance situations and difficulty maintaining focus. Perhaps there are panic attacks which feel terrifying and involve physical symptoms of pounding heart and difficulty breathing.

Trauma and/or PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder includes symptoms such as nightmares, recurring difficult memories which cause a flood of distress, generalized anxiety and an avoidance of situations which may trigger a panic response. Trauma may be of childhood origin or more recent. Responses can range from mild to extreme.


A phobia involves extreme fear of something or a situation which is avoided at all costs. There may or may not be an identifiable original cause.




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An addiction means an extensive use of substances such as alcohol, drugs or anything which is considered harmful to the mind or body, such as cigarettes, compulsive overeating, gambling, etc. It can lead to major legal and financial problems, acute or chronic disease as well as the loss of a job ond/or important relationships.

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss involve emotional suffering due to events such as death, illness, divorce, job loss, geographical relocation or loss of anything considered of significant value to the individual. It may mean difficulty coping in many arenas of life.

Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Performance Enhancement

This includes such issues as performance anxiety, writer’s block, stage fright, etc. It may involve a wish to enhance performance in any creative or work endeavor. A client may be functioning just fine otherwise and simply wants help with efforts at mastery in their activity of choice.


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