Couples Therapy / Relationship Counseling (Marriage Counseling, Relationship Therapy)

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I have worked with couples of various types all my professional career, including: -- married couples -- premarital couples -- same sex couples -- separating/divorcing couples -- living-together couples, etc. The focus in on the relationship itself as well as any individual problems which may be contributing to difficulties in the relationship. The problems which couples bring to therapy are myriad. Some of the more common situations are:

  • Unproductive communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving
  • Disagreements about children, money, sex, socializing, etc.
  • Intimacy and sex life
  • Affairs and their aftermath
  • Conflict about roles and responsibilities
  • In-law and family of origin problems
  • Handling the issues of separation and divorce.

In couples therapy, I help people define the problem(s) in a mutually acceptable way, identify the often cyclical patterns that keep couples stuck, and work toward the changes necessary to form a more satisfying, enjoyable relationship.