Group Therapy

I have been leading (and co-leading) therapy groups from the start of my career and have consistently found groups to be a very rich and beneficial experience for the majority of participants. In studies comparing group to individual therapy, group therapy has been shown to be as effective and sometimes even more so. Groups are less expensive also.

Groups work in a variety of ways and come in different forms. Some of the benefits of a group therapy experience are as follows:

  • Feeling less different and alone through finding that others share similar problems, even people who seem "so together"
  • Achieving greater self-awareness and improvement in interpersonal relationships
  • Learning about how others perceive you – often quite different than one’s own self-concept
  • Exploring problems, feelings, ideas and reactions in a safe, confidential setting where valuable feedback can be given and received
  • Participating in a kind of “social laboratory” where new behavior can be developed and tried out
  • Having the opportunity to expand your understanding of others who may see things differently than you.

Historically I have co-lead primarily long-term therapy groups which, in addition to problem-solving, explored the process and dynamics between people as a way to expand awareness of self and other. Most recently I have facilitated more structured short-term, topic-focused groups such as a women’s Self-Esteem Group and a “co-ed” Relationship Therapy Group for Singles.

I am a member of the AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association) and have received training from several experts in the field. I have also supervised students and other therapists in group therapy modalities. It is one of my favorite ways to work!